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PixelPro Max™

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The JCM PixelPro Max™ has a small pixel pitch with a big screen. It is light, slim and quiet with a wide viewing angle and unsurpassed color uniformity and fidelity. It has superior color and grayscale performance, precision built mechanics, and quick installation and easy maintenance.


  • Light Weight and Slim Profile
  • Brilliant Color Fidelity
  • Front Access for Services
  • Fast, Easy and Flexible to Install

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  • Light, Slim and Quiet

    • Ranging from 34 to 40Kg/m², including structure and cabling
    • Slim panel thickness of 1055mm
    • Fanless design ensures whisper quiet operation
  • Widest Viewing Angle

    • Extra wide viewing angle of 160°, with exceptional picture quality
  • Unsurpassed Color Uniformity and Fidelity

    • Optimum color uniformity
    • Proprietary RGB wavelengths
    • Vivid colors
  • Superior Color and Grayscale Performance

    • Offering the deepest black levels and phenomenal contrast ratio of over 4,000:1, delivering high fidelity brilliant colors
    • Excellent grayscale levels
  • Precision Built Mechanics

    • Panels are manufactured by precision CNC process, ensuring a tolerance of less than 0.1mm
    • Patented inter-locking panel using “SpeedGo” quick locking system
    • Adjustable magnetic docking module design
    • Seamless panel to panel and module to module connection
  • Quick Installation and Easy Maintenance

    • Front and back access for easy servicing
    • Fast display assembly
    • One panel, multiple pixel pitch module options
    • Semi Knock Down delivery options – SKD ready

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