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PixelPro Max™

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JCM PixelPro Max™Our flagship line – PixelPro™ Display Technology by JCMedia – delivers LED video like you’ve never seen it used before. Screens that contour and convex. Three dimensional cubes. Panels that can be combined into an endless array of shapes and sizes. Your displays are about to become a hot topic of conversation. And with lightweight, flexible, highly mobile panels featuring low energy use and negligible heat generation, imagination will play a big role even before anything is on the screen.

The JCM PixelPro Max™ has a small pixel pitch with a big screen. It is light, slim and quiet with a wide viewing angle and unsurpassed color uniformity and fidelity. It has superior color and grayscale performance, precision built mechanics, and quick installation and easy maintenance.

JCM PixelPro Max™ Key Features

  • Modular design with interlocking 20” x 20” panels
  • Customize shapes and sizes to fit your environment perfectly
  • Brilliant color fidelity with unsurpassed color uniformity
  • Multiple pixel pitch configurations available

Additional JCM PixelPro Max™ Highlights

  • Light Weight and Slim Profile
  • Brilliant Color Fidelity
  • Front Access for Services
  • Fast, Easy and Flexible to Install

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  • Light, Slim and Quiet

    • Ranging from 34 to 40Kg/m², including structure and cabling
    • Slim panel thickness of 1055mm
    • Fanless design ensures whisper quiet operation
  • Widest Viewing Angle

    • Extra wide viewing angle of 160°, with exceptional picture quality
  • Unsurpassed Color Uniformity and Fidelity

    • Optimum color uniformity
    • Proprietary RGB wavelengths
    • Vivid colors
  • Superior Color and Grayscale Performance

    • Offering the deepest black levels and phenomenal contrast ratio of over 4,000:1, delivering high fidelity brilliant colors
    • Excellent grayscale levels
  • Precision Built Mechanics

    • Panels are manufactured by precision CNC process, ensuring a tolerance of less than 0.1mm
    • Patented inter-locking panel using “SpeedGo” quick locking system
    • Adjustable magnetic docking module design
    • Seamless panel to panel and module to module connection
  • Quick Installation and Easy Maintenance

    • Front and back access for easy servicing
    • Fast display assembly
    • One panel, multiple pixel pitch module options
    • Semi Knock Down delivery options – SKD ready

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