Employee Highlights – Recently Acknowledged JCM MVPs

Emily Lu / Assistant Buyer

For the past 3 years or so, Emily has been fighting the battle to find parts so we can keep manufacturing GEN5 printers. Our ability to keep manufacturing and selling GEN5 printers is incredibly important to our company. Emily finds the impossible on a regular basis.

Stephen Baker / Software Quality Engineer II

Stephen has gone above and beyond to add the customer service tracking ability to the JCM Master Customer site list. He has added almost every feature and resolved every bug the customer service team has identified within hours of the request or notification. This tool not only helps keep customer issues in plain view but helps us track an issue from cradle to grave.

Arnel (AJ) Camitan / Project Technician

Arnel (AJ) Camitan has always been incredibly helpful in preparing for the golf tournament, G2E, and all other trade shows that we’ve done this summer. He is reliable and always there to help with any questions about inventory.

Edwin Lai / Software Engineer 1

Edwin’s experience with hardware, software and networking components provides great support when new projects come our way. Edwin has done a terrific job in the PNA, and we are excited to see the new PNA v3 working with our products.

Steven Jacquez / Sustaining Engineer

Steven is always going over and above for the customer, finding answers when he doesn’t know, most of the time he knows, and being kind and caring is his demeanor.

Joe Jobson / IT Manager

Joe Jobson has been incredibly speedy and helpful in preparing for JCM’s participation in this past year virtual G2E event. He quickly updated our website and YouTube channel to make sure our booth reflected JCM’s latest and greatest products. Well done Joe!

Chad Greenwood / Project Technician

Chad Greenwood frequently travels to jobsites, trains other employees on DSS installation best practices, and goes out of his way to provide excellent support to our DSS customers. Great job Chad!

Noel Hernandez / Project Technician

Noel was a tremendous help in sorting and organizing the marketing area. He made numerous trips up and down the stairs to dispose of items we no longer needed. It was great to have another hand to assist.

James Smith / Product Manager – Audio Visual

James Smith expertly and successfully managed two of the most complex digital signage projects JCM has faced to date. His professionalism, calm demeanor and great attitude during various challenges ensured a successful outcome. Great job Smitty!

Jacob Valadez / IT Project Technician

Jacob was an outstanding asset during G2E with his quick thinking, computer intellect, and attention to detail. Without his skills the displays at G2E would not have been mapped properly prior to the show opening. He is a definite asset added to the JCM team.

Randall Bassin / Technical Writer

Randall Bassin is always so helpful and does so willingly and always with a smile on his face. He recently worked very hard at the last minute to re-vamp our entire user manual for our JCM Global Exchange Site v3.0 so that we could have time to include in our announcement and the G2E Gaming Show. He did a great job and it was much appreciated!!

Kathy Haynes / Senior Product Compliance and Contract Analyst

Kathy Haynes was named the 2nd Quarter MVP. Kathy serves the Compliance Department well. No matter how busy her schedule, she’s always pleasant, professional, courteous and helpful, with a listening ear and a friendly smile. Kathy is an asset to the Compliance Department and JCM overall.

Jimmy Villalobos
Jimmy Villalobos / International Engineering Technician

Jimmy Villalobos is our 1st Quarter MVP for 2019. Jimmy was nominated for going above and beyond in his duties and support of his Latin America customers. Job well done!

Rex Gomez
Rex Gomez / Warehouse Supervisor

Rex Gomez is the MVP for 4th quarter 2018 because of his positive attitude as well as his get it done performance. We do multiple functions throughout the year and no matter what he has going on, he always has the floor clean and ready. HR appreciates him and his team very much.

Wilson Luate / Project Technician

Wilson Luate is our MVP for 3rd Quarter 2018 for his exceptional attitude and flexibility on a recent project. His expertise and knowledge made the project go smoothly and meeting the deadline from the customer. Part of this project required working on equipment unfamiliar to Wilson, but again he went about and beyond and completed the project with near perfection.

Miguel Garcia / Project Technician

Miguel Garcia is always punctual on all his projects and sends in his daily reports, full of detail and on time. Miguel is always the first tech to respond to any management and customer emails or calls that he is included in and continually supports his peers by researching and resolving game and product issues discovered in the field.

Jose Usma / Software Engineer II

Jose quickly evaluated and repaired a malfunctioning script that jeopardized the success of a customer trial. In one day, Jose was able to develop and release a new script which stabilized the system and significantly increased the chance of turning the trial into a purchase.

Scott Toth / Mechanical Designer

Scott Toth was able to come up with several quality graphic options during a last minute artwork project. This is not the first time Scott has done this kind of thing, and he is GREAT at it!

Melissa Loh / Buyer Planner

Melissa continues to take on more responsibilities with a great attitude and excellent results. Melissa has recently taken over JCMedia sales quotes for displays and mounts. Since doing this, quotes are now processed in a very efficient and timely manner. Well done!!

Staci Girsberger / Human Resources Accounting Coordinator

Without Staci’s knowledge and assistance with JCM’s vision and medical coverage, employees would be lost. Also, Staci rocks at planning JCM employee events.

Jose Valle / International Shipping Clerk

Jose is hardworking, organized and has a well-mannered demeanor towards both fellow employees and customers. Jose will do anything in his power to help, this is the definition of Employee of the Month.

John Hays / Technical Support Analyst

John jumped through hoops to get a special program installed on a laptop in order to meet a hot deadline. The product maker didn’t make the installation very easy, but John did what needed to be done to complete the install and his efforts were very much appreciated.

Omar Jorge Rivera / Sustaining Engineer

Late on a Friday, Jorge was part of a team that took the time to research and walk the panicked customer through a trouble shooting issue like a professional. It’s what I call OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE, and proud to have him as part of the JCM Team!!!

Odimayo “KB” Abayomi / Project Technician

KB took the time to assemble the picnic tables that had been sitting in the warehouse for weeks. With the growth of JCM it was very difficult to find a place to sit outside in the shade to relax or eat lunch, and these tables made a huge difference. It is the “will do” attitude of KB and the other technicians that take on these odd type tasks and always with a smile.

Stephanie Lam / QA Inspector

Stephanie is loyal, helpful and always comes to work with a contagious positive attitude.  She has a lot of knowledge regarding JCM products and is always encouraging others to do the best they can in their work.  Stephanie is a great asset to the company.

Jessica Wige / Sales Administration Manager

Jessica is like the energizer bunny, she keeps going and going and going! She consistently works 10+ hour days to ensure all orders are processed to meet customer requests. She and her group have absorbed the additional work of adding the printer product line without any issues or delays to customers. Jessica is a loyal, dedicated employee whom we should all emulate.

Kathy Haynes / Product Compliance and Contract Analyst

JCM has needed a site so customers can download software for years. Kathy took the responsibility of getting the correct people involved, keeping on schedule and making it happen. This site will benefit all departments and customers. If it wasn’t for Kathy this site would not exist.

Melissa Kuhel / Sales Coordinator

Melissa has made an active effort to get involved with the accounts she supports to assist them in managing their way through the “JCM Process” to creatively resolve shortages and delivery schedules.  This kind of “above and beyond” attitude is what JCM Customer Service should be for all employees.

David Weems / Technical Trainer

David created the on-line training programs for both UBA and iVISION. He created training scripts, presentatations, video and interactive screens as part of this process. Additionally, David continually exhibits a “can do” attitude and utilizes all resources to complete assignments no matter what obstacles may get in his way.

Terry Geiman / Service Repair Supervisor

Terry’s can-do attitude and willingness to proactively support a challenging customer situation turned a difficult situation into a positive experience for JCM and the customer. Terry set a great example for the JCM Service team and worked closely to support and facilitate training for a smooth product transition on the customer’s existing platform. Terry handled this situation in a forthright and productive manner that left the customer with a very positive impression of JCM’s willingness to support them today and in the future.

Mike Nguyen / Software Engineer

Mike’s professionalism and expertise are an important asset to the engineering department.  He is able to take what is considered a cloud of bad news and finds the silver lining to improve other products. Mike has always offered his input to various projects and is often sought out for input and has contributed to nearly every project developed at JCM American Corporation.

Veronica Camacho / Cell Leader

Veronica is a Cell Leader on the production team.  Being a leader comes naturally to her.  She has a very strong work ethic and positive attitude that inspires others to do the same.  She is the go to person when a problem arises.  She has a keen ability to get organized and tackle difficult situations.  She always has great ideas about how to get things done.  She has the “Can-Do” attitude that other leaders aspire to have.

Miguel Garcia / Project Technician

Miguel is always willing to help customers and peers at any time whether on after hours support or not.  He is the go-to game expert that the field techs and sales personnel rely on anytime they run into an issue on a gaming floor.  Miguel is always willing to take on the toughest tasks with an excellent attitude that is infectious while around his peers and customers.

Omar Jorge Rivera / Sustaining Engineer

Jorge is always willing to contribute ideas to resolve product and customer issues even when it is for a project he not assigned to work on.  Jorge brings a unique perspective to many of the Sustaining Engineering discussions because of his Computer Engineering major.  Jorge is a loyal employee who is always focused on representing himself and the company in a very professional manner and goes above and beyond to resolve customer issues.

Jane Sia / Materials Manager

Jane always has a positive attitude no matter how many hours she has worked.  She always has something positive to say and a smile for everyone.  She makes an effort to reward her employees for doing a good job and lets them know they are appreciated.  Jane is always willing to stop and answer questions no matter how busy she may be.  Jane is a great asset and JCM is lucky to have her.