“People are our most important resource.”

With over 60 years of success, JCM is a truly global company, both in terms of the markets we serve and the offices we maintain – from Asia to Europe, from North America to Australia. Our products are like our employees – better, smarter and faster. We seek the very best candidates so that we can continuously improve as a company in every department.

We are committed to the welfare of our employees and their families, and we show that commitment by providing each team member with a comprehensive benefits package.

Thank you for your interest in JCM Global, and we hope to be working with you soon!

JCM pays for the vast majority of health care premiums for Medical, Dental and Vision costs for you and your dependents. Benefits are effective the first of the month following successful completion of the 60 day introductory period.

Listed below are the annual benefit options currently available. Please consult the complete individual benefit plan for eligibility requirements and specific policies.

Medical Benefit

A flexible choice of insured medical programs including HMO, PPO and POS are available for eligible employees and their dependents.

Dental Plan

A comprehensive program is available for eligible employees and dependents emphasizing preventative care with increasing benefits when a proper treatment plan is followed. Benefits are available both in and out of network.

Vision Plan

Benefits for eye exams, glasses and/or contact lenses are paid in accordance with a specified schedule for both the employee and their covered dependents. Benefits are available both in and out of network.

Prescription Drug Coverage

When you enroll in the JCM medical plan you automatically participate in our prescription drug program and will be able to purchase prescription drugs at either your local pharmacy or through mail order. Generally, the program provides for participants to pay a co-payment when purchasing prescription drugs at major participating pharmacies. The amount of the co-payment depends on whether the purchase is for a non-generic or generic prescription.

Life Insurance

JCM provides eligible employees with a company-paid life insurance policy.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

This benefit provides compensation in the event of an accidental death, or an accident resulting in loss of sight or dismemberment at no cost to the employee.

Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability (STD) Insurance is provided by JCM at no cost to the employee.

Additional Benefits

401(k) Retirement & Savings Plan

To encourage savings for retirement, JCM offers a 401(k) Retirement & Savings Plan. The employee is eligible to participate in the plan effective the first quarter following the successful completion of the 90 day introductory period. JCM decides on a matching percentage on an annual basis.


JCM observes nine scheduled holidays each year.

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

President’s Day

Independence Day

Day After Thanksgiving

Employee Birthday

Floating Holiday
(company designated)

If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the Friday before is taken and if the holiday falls on Sunday, the Monday after is taken.


For eligible employees after six months of employment. Please refer to JCM’s Vacation Policy.

Sick Time Off

Following the 90 day introductory period. Please refer to JCM’s Sick Pay Policy.


Employee Assistance Program

JCM has prepaid professional Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to assist employees to resolve personal problems on a confidential basis.

Worldwide Travel Assistance for you and your family

Travel Assistance Insurance offers the following services to minimize the hassles of traveling and ensure proper attention when you need it for you, your spouse and dependent children on any single trip for business or pleasure up to 90 days in duration. This benefit is provided by JCM at no cost to the employee.

  • Pre-departure Information
  • Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Travel Support Services
  • Technical Assistance for documentation, etc

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