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A JCM Global blog highlighting features of our technology roadmap, addressing current trends in the casino gaming industry, and revealing the ingenuity behind our ground-breaking products and systems solutions. 

The Latest

  • G2E: Taking in the Entire Show Experience
    After 26 years in the gaming industry, G2E, is about the entire show experience and everyone in it: the anticipation of seeing old friends and industry contacts I haven’t seen regularly through the year, the excitement of bringing new products and technologies to the market, receiving customer feedback, and showing appreciation to everyone who is involved in making JCM … Read more
  • The ICB ASAP® Technology Roadmap
    When JCM was developing our ICB® Intelligent Cash Box System, our product management teams spent a lot of time in casino count rooms, and that’s where the idea for the ICB ASAP® robotics automation solution originated. We listened to customer feedback and observed the casino’s count room process then realized there could be a more efficient and highly secure way …
  • The FUZION® Technology Roadmap
    Having JCM’s GEN5® thermal printer and iVIZION® or UBA® Pro bill validator means all roads lead to the FUZION system. A live monitoring and management system for your casino peripheral devices, FUZION technology monitors suspicious transaction activity, sends machine alerts when cash boxes are almost full, integrates with cashless gaming solutions …
  • Customizing and Controlling Content
    Across the U.S., casino properties of all sizes have moved away from old-school backlit Duratrans at the casino entrance or end of a slot bank to the more exciting and flexible medium of digital signage. This enables operators to communicate with their guests in more meaningful and entertaining ways. What was once a static printed image in a box is now … Read more
  • The ICB ASAP® Origin Story
    Robotic automation has been around for quite a while. For example, the automotive industry started using robots 60 years ago, and today, a great majority of repetitive motion and/or critical tasks are done with some sort of robotics and/or automation. JCM has a long history of technology leadership in the gaming industry. We maintain that leadership by … Read more