Mobile Wallet and Data Encryption

By Mike Nguyen, JCM Global Sr. Director of Engineering
January 11, 2022

The convenience of mobile wallets is something the gaming industry has been talking about for some time, and those conversations accelerated as the pandemic set in. Now as more operators are seeking to deploy mobile wallet technologies on their floor (in response to consumer demand), there is a new need – casinos need a way to quickly and securely transmit the data involved in mobile transactions. 

One way suppliers and operators can answer this question is with JCM’s FUZION® technology. Here’s how: When we built FUZION, we created it to be an information superhighway between the EGM, its BV and its printer, and the property’s CMS. To guarantee that data is transmitted securely, we use AES256 to encrypt the data pipes from the peripheral devices to and from FUZION and to and from a casino’s CMS system. 

You can read more about AES256 here. As the article explains, AES is a symmetric key cipher. This means the same secret key is used for both encryption and decryption, and both the sender and receiver of the data need a copy of the key. In other words, data is super encrypted both coming and going. Because it’s a standard protocol, AES256 is system agnostic, so any casino using any CMS can rely on AES256 to function. 

That’s similar to how FUZION works. The FUZION system is CMS agnostic, and it is also mobile wallet agnostic, meaning no matter which of the many mobile wallet technology options a casino wants to use, they can securely access our FUZION digital highway to send encrypted virtual TITO ticket to any connected games on a casino floor through our iTITO™ technology.

It works like this: The mobile wager wallet system sends an encrypted iTITO transaction to the FUZION system. FUZION then passes this encrypted iTITO transaction to our PNA® (Peripheral Network Adapter), which then sends the iTITO transaction to our iVIZION® bill validator to be processed as a regular TITO transaction. It’s a contained technology ecosystem that creates seamless options for the player while also protecting the player and casino with encrypted data. For reporting, iTITO transactions are tracked in the FUZION system and reports can be dynamically generated.  

Click here to read more about encryption and why it matters. You can also contact JCM to learn more about FUZION’s data superhighway and how we can help you to create a technology roadmap for today and into the future.