Immerse them with an entire lineup of awe-inspiring digital signage solutions by JCM. With every conceivable display configuration – from gigantic Ultra HD sports book screens and mind-blowing customized creations, to personal service kiosks and point-of-purchase displays, no one offers you more ways to create and control your marketing content than JCM Digital Signage Solutions.


Indoor or Outdoor.
Large Format Displays.

Screens that contour and convex. Three dimensional cubes. Panels that can be combined into an endless array of shapes and sizes. Lightweight. Flexible and highly mobile. Low energy and heat. This means creativity without boundaries. Imagine it and we’ll create it.

Digital Signage Solutions MAX-R

•Modular design with interlocking 20” x 20” panels
•Customize shapes and sizes to fit your environment perfectly
•Brilliant color fidelity with unsurpassed color uniformity
•Completely transform environments and enhance architecture

Digital Signage Solutions MAX-R

• Ultra high image quality that brings presentations to life
• Ultra high image quality that brings sports and concerts to life
• A tight pixel pitch ranging from 1.25mm to 1.87mm
• High color fidelity showcasing over 281 trillion colors
• Seamless panel-to-panel connection for brilliant video wall configurations

Digital Signage Solutions VB DIAMOND

• Striking contrast ratio to showcase a variety of engaging content
• Pixel-by-pixel calibration technology guarantees higher color fidelity and uniformity
• Higher stability, reliability, and brightness
• Anti-static and anti-corrosion protection for proven durability

Digital Signage Solutions VB DIAMOND

• Fully articulated flexible panels
• Each panel can flex or convex by 30 degrees
• Horizontal or vertical flexibility
• Form full cylinders and more

Digital Signage Solutions FLEX LITE-S
Digital Signage Solutions CUBE & FLOOR

• Create any cubic design
• Stack, join or suspend
• Video plays independently on every side
• Dazzle with true three-dimensional designs and shapes

Digital Signage Solutions CUBE & FLOOR

• Designed to fit flat or curved surfaces
• Light and thin frame for simple installation
• Flexibility to assemble cabinets at various lengths
• Shows over 280 trillion brilliant colors


• High transparency to create visually open spaces with pops of light and color
• Thin design to fit any environment
• Waterproof and wind resistant
• High brightness for clear visibility during daylight

Digital Signage Solutions ELEMENTS

• Outdoor rating ideal for outdoor events and sports venues
• Wide viewing angles deliver the ideal viewing experience
• Brightness level intended for outdoor daylight viewing
• Withstands the elements, rain or shine

Digital Signage Solutions ELEMENTS

Customized Solutions. No Worries.

Whether it is our flagship modular LEDs, the latest in standard 16×9 OLED and LED displays, or all of the hardware and software needed to bring them to life, JCM is your turnkey solution. From developing our own cutting-edge technology, to partnering with the world’s leading display manufacturers to deliver you even more options, if you can imagine it, we can create it. And it will all be supported with unmatched customer service.

The Power to Motivate. JCM Content Creation.

You’re investing in state-of-the-art video display technology. We can help you maximize your investment with the most progressive and immersive content available. JCM backs its hardware with creative experts who can make sure you get the most from your high-fidelity visual and sonic solutions. High impact motion graphics. One-of-a-kind marketing promotions. Interior design and environmental transformation. JCM will help you put the “art” in state-of-the art.

Total Content Control at Your Fingertips.

Take full control of multiple content channels, multiple screens and even multiple properties. You can even do it in real-time. All with JCM’s content control solutions. Depending on your project’s specific needs, we will provide the ideal solution to drive your content and give you full control of your digital solutions. Media players, servers, switchers, routers – we have all of the technical details covered. And we can help train your team, so you get the most out of your system.