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Create. Display. Manage. Get ready to immerse your patrons with an entire lineup of awe-inspiring video displays from JCMedia. From our state-of-the-art, flagship PixelPro line that offer a bezel-less, modular display design, to an array of conventional display solutions from our partners, JCMedia can essentially provide every conceivable display configuration available today. From gigantic Ultra HD sports book screens and mind-blowing customized creations, to personal service kiosks and point-of-purchase displays, no one offers you more ways to create and control your content than JCMedia.

In today’s challenging environment, getting your message to your players is essential to maintaining your competitive advantage, and digital displays are an excellent way to attract their attention. JCM is proud to offer a wide range of digital display solutions that are perfect for your in-house marketing, advertising and other critical messages. We help make these tools their most powerful, with content creation and management services as detailed below:

Content Creation

You’re investing in state-of-the-art video display technology, so make your content count. JCMedia backs its hardware with creative and technical experts who can make sure you get the most from your new displays. We can work with your team, or turnkey custom content for you from concept through execution. From high-impact motion graphics to one-of-a-kind promotions and monumental visual attractions that draw in customers, JCMedia will help you put the “art” in state-of-the art. And with an infrastructure that integrates the latest computer hardware, content development tools and a cutting-edge render farm, we have what it takes to execute even the biggest ideas.

Create Commercial Quality Content for:

  • In-house advertising
  • Video walls
  • Digital signage
  • Jackpot meters
  • Denom toppers
  • In-room entertainment
  • Property-wide entertainment venues

Content Management

Take control of multiple content channels, multiple screens, and even multiple properties with JCMedia and the Brightsign Network Manager. This tool is as big as your imagination, giving you the ability to perform wonders instantly and easily. Let our technicians configure your network for single displays, videowalls, LED screens, menus and more!

BrightAuthor is the software application for BrightSign that makes creating, publishing and managing BrightSign presentations simple and dependable. It is the central application for all your BrightSign needs, from building and distributing your presentations to managing your entire network of remote signs via the BrightSign Network. Not only does BrightAuthor off­er an intuitive user interface and a wealth of digital signage features, it is also free of charge to all BrightSign customers. BrightAuthor is continually updated to keep up with market demands and to future-proof your digital signage.


JCMedia PixelPro Waterfall Video Wall at Resorts World Catskills

JCMedia PixelPro Waterfall at G2E 2016

See more examples in our Gallery.

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To learn more about how JCM can help you enhance your in-house media needs, contact your local sales representative.

JCM Media Product Sheet

Create. Display. Manage.

  • Working with our content creation team, create mind-blowing advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns that are as limitless as the imagination.
  • Design full-screen or multi-zone layouts using preset or custom templates
  • Create presentations using the new Mosaic Mode
  • Play a multitude of smaller resolution videos simultaneously in individual video zones that add up to the maximum video decoding capability of the player
  • Play an HTML feed containing multiple videos in a single zone that add up to the player’s maximum decoding resolution
  • Build looping playlists with drag and drop functionality
  • Make interactive playlists by linking media files together with triggers
  • Utilize BrightWall to easily create video walls and achieve frame-accurate synchronization
  • Utilize BrightWall to easily create video walls and achieve frame-accurate synchronization
  • Tailor playlists with slide transitions, display intervals, live video and more
  • Include Live Feeds such as Live Data, Live Media, MRSS, Twitter, Flickr feeds and more in your presentation that automatically update without republishing the presentation
  • Increase your creative options by adding HTML5 content to your BrightSign presentations
  • Design full-screen or multi-zone layouts using preset or custom templates
  • Layer HTML5 widgets with videos, images, etc. to deliver powerful digital signage and out-performs what each element can do alone
  • Add animating, streaming social media feeds to your presentation
  • Add day-parting and scheduling
  • Ensure dependable playback with automated publishing
  • Directly publish to your PC, memory cards, or a network location
  • Convenient and secure content updates
  • Diverse real-time content feeds such as RSS media and HTML widgets
  • Local web server configuration that gives you the ability to edit user variables within presentations and pull database content into presentations
  • Advanced management of BrightSign Network accounts

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