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JCMedia Partner Displays

In addition to the unsurpassed visual fidelity and flexibility of JCMedia’s flagship PixelPro line of displays, JCMedia also works with the world’s top display manufacturers to fulfill each and every need that may arise.

JCMedia Partner Displays

Make a statement with Peerless-AV’s versatile digital signage kiosk which offers unprecedented elegance in the large format kiosk sector. Designed to support ultrathin or thicker commercial displays, this sleek kiosk provides ample space to integrate a media player, interactive touch system, camera, etc., to create a complete interactive customer experience. Paired with a wide range of aesthetic options, this kiosk makes it easy to execute any advertising or brand strategy.

Standard Video Walls

Create beautiful video walls in an affordable fashion. The Samsung UD55E-A features an ultra-thin bezel for virtually seamless matrices. Factory calibration provides brightness and color uniformity across multiple displays. And you can achieve 4K UHD resolution when you daisy chain multiple displays with the Display Port 1.2 digital loop-out feature, without the cost of external processing scalers and distribution boxes.

Customizable Configurations