Service Request Authorization (SRA)

Service units under warranty will be shipped within 5-7 days upon receipt of product. Warranty is void if damage is due to negligence, vandalism, or misuse. Any modifications made to the unit or harnessing is not the responsibility of JCM.

$75.00 minimum labor charge per unit. Service units out of warranty, and costing less than $200.00 per unit, will be repaired and returned within 5-7 days upon receipt of product.

Service/Repair General Price List
Service Type Fees Description
Services Service Charge/Hour $75.00 Units are inspected for worn or damaged parts, cleaned and calibrated.
Software Upgrade $25.00 Service Only
Unit/Model Upgrade Service charge plus cost of parts (i.e., Harness, CPU)
Unit/Model Fees Description – Who/how is an exchange done? Warranty?
Exchanges iVIZION Head $250.00 When the repair cost of a unit is above the exchange rate we do an exchange if the customer requests it. This is only honored providing all is intact and not missing any parts. Units that are within the standard JCM warranty are always repaired. All other units can be exchanged and they will be given a 90 day Exchange Warranty. All exchanges are to be received as a complete unit.
iVIZION Transport $150.00
UBA Transport $200.00
GEN2U/5 $200.00

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